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In Nigeria, where 1.8 million people are HIV positive and 360,000 need life-prolonging antiretroviral drugs, virtually the only ones who get them are the 5,000 who can afford them.

Every neighboring country is giving antiretrovirals to two to 15 times as many people and planning to expand treatment to tens of thousands more within a year.
The principal reason Nigeria is falling behind is that President Musa Yar' Adua increasingly repressive government has lost foreign donors' trust that it will fairly or honestly channel money for antiretroviral drugs to those who need it. Major foreign supporters in the battle against the disease - the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the World Bank, the United States and Britain - are skirting Nigeria or giving it a trickle of aid compared with the torrent they are unleashing on governments they deem more reliable.

And thats why Our Charity Organisation has single-handedly decided to get funds from the public directly to save these dying lives by pleading on their behalf to you out there to fund these drugs so that they can live too.


AIDS & HIV antiretroviral drug treatment

The clinical effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy has improved markedly over the last few years. Since 1996 in the developed world there have been dramatic falls in the incidence of new AIDS cases and AIDS associated deaths. Published data in the late 1990s estimated the mortality rate in patients with CD4 counts of less than 100  106/l had fallen by nearly two thirds to <8 per 100 patient years. Although the long term clinical efficacy of the current antiretroviral treatment regimens remains uncertain, the biological rationale for maintaining a clinical response has been established. Sustained inhibition of viral replication results in partial reconstitution of the immune system in most patients, substantially reducing the risk of clinical disease progression and death. Reservoirs of HIV in latently infected resting T lymphocytes and other long lived cell populations make it unlikely that HIV can be eradicated by antiretroviral therapy alone. Strategies to sustain suppression of viral replication in the long term will be necessary.


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